Words cannot express my gratitude to all who contributed through visits, thoughts, prayers, wishes etc. during my rather dramatic hospital stint.

There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t have at least one visitor and I feel very blessed.  There was a prayer circle, some gossip catch-ups, a few laying-of-hands, some who kept vigil as I slept, some shared meals, food deliveries, a few 5-minute drop-ins and even some shared tv-watching.  I have no way of thanking everyone for their effort in getting there.  Parking is a pain, at times the weather was torrential, people have busy lives and still, you came.

Hospital is no fun and doesn’t do much for morale so take it from an over-experienced patient, if you’re in two minds about visiting someone in hospital, know that I cherished every message, phone call and email, but that I’ll never forget each time I saw your face when you took my mind off myself or you listened to me laugh or cry.

It will come back to you, perhaps not even from me, but you’ll be repaid.

Thank you and much love.


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