Chemo #1


Mixed feelings: “FINALLY!” & “Blegh…”.

With my still damaged pain threshold, I was nervous about the needles.  The sisters were friendly and happily answered my questions.  Inserting the single needle into the port was easier than I expected.  The painful part was the quick jab to the upper arm that I had before treatment.  It kicked like a mule, that stuff.  Or, rather, what I imagine a mule kick to feel like… I don’t remember what it’s for though.  I have a few bags of clear liquid before the chemo – saline, an antihistamine solution, steroids, anti-nausea meds.

I thought the room might be filled with old, grey-paloured, dying solemnity.  There were some visibly weak people but mostly, they were pretty jovial, a mixture of ages, friendly and talkative.

Some time into my 4-hour session, when I looked around, most people had fallen into thoughtful silence.  It seemed to me it’s too easy to let time waste away here so I vowed to always be busy – either with a book, or Sudoku puzzles, colouring stuff.  I’d had the foresight to come prepared this time and happily distracted myself playing Scrabble with my friend who’d come with me.

At the end, I was sent packing with a lucky packet of tablets – more anti-nausea meds – for the following few days.  Wish me luck.


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