Chemo #4


I had the first regular appointment with the oncologist today before chemo.  When she asked how I’m doing, I proudly related how I’d been on a gentle hike/walk, jumped into an icy river, attended a pilates class, a yoga class and walked a 6km route.

She reprimanded me and I felt deflated.

She explained that unlike the way antibiotics fight a foreign body / infection, this chemo is attacking my own DNA.  My being so active stresses my system and compromises my strength / healing dramatically.

Today was the start of cycle 2 of 6 and she’s increased the dosage to the maximum strength I can take (based on my height and weight).  If I can manage activity (even at the lowest levels because I certainly am not up to what I was capable of before), why shouldn’t I do it?! #stubbornass


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