Chemo #5


I was sad and teary again this morning as I brushed my hair.  No matter how still I try lie in bed, I wake with a matted bunch which I then have to brush out.  The worst part is that the hair stays in the brush.  Plenty is still coming out.  I wish it would stop and I’ll only have more crap in my system from today.

I sucked it up and drove to the oncology centre.  As I sat down, a girl recognised me from a once-off meeting months ago.  I didn’t recognise her with her black Cleopatra-style wig.  She used to have thick, waist-length light brown hair.  We spoke about the hair issue and our experiences of it.  Breast cancer is harsher on hair loss & I would be grateful if I wasn’t so busy panicking.

We also spoke about “chemo brain”.  I’m so relieved it’s not just in my own head!  Life is interesting the way it provides answers and support.  Chemo pal K & I will keep in contact for mutual support.

It’s my gran’s birthday today and we had a family meal together.  My stomach cramped throughout supper and for the rest of the night.  At least I’m not vomiting, I suppose.



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