Kudos to diabetics


Admission: I usually feel rocks for diabetics (type 2, I think it is) because I believe their condition to be self-inflicted largely through poor diet.

After I had to inject myself today, I have a newfound respect for them, though, having to stick themselves with a needle every mealtime.

Fortunately, mine should be a once-off but it does come with a more dramatic flourish(!) – Got to induce preformed white blood cells to grow faster and can expect general body pain for a few days… from my frikkin’ bone marrow overworking…Yikes!


What’s the Deal with Antioxidants?


To everyone who recommended I eat more blueberries or take vitamin C supplements:  You were being helpful.  I appreciate your support and I bask in my gratitude for your caring intentions but I’ll shelve the advice.

Thanks to manufacturers of health supplements with big marketing budgets, it seems just about everyone knows that antioxidants are good cancer-fighting soldiers.  They’re correct… except when you’re undergoing chemo.  Then they’re just plain dangerous.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

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Chemo abort


I was in hospital again for a few days recently with complications from previous surgeries. All ok now. Going without chemo for a 3rd week running; you’d think that’s a nice break…

The delay is due to a change in meds (too scared to ask whether they’re stronger or just different but the current ones aren’t yielding results as doctor expected they would) which have to be authorised by medical aid (admin blah blah).

Feeling blegh.