Good news!


Time for some good news! Eyelashes & eyebrows are sprouting. Perhaps the new drugs are more discerning on their path of destruction:-)

More good news… After the end of cycle one (again), my tumour marker’s gone from 120-something to 66 – the lowest it’s been since first detected in Jan at 300+. Woohoo!!

And more… I passed blood tests again so on goes the fight tomorrow. Bring it!


Defeated by turnout


I went off to chemo this morning – Spanish homework (to keep me occupied) and lunch bag in hand – only to fail my blood tests before the session even began and be sent home with an injection to kick my blood cell factory into action yet again.

I’ve found a fairly valid reason to share all these (mostly unhappy) events – when the good ones come around (like eyebrows sprouting), you’ll comprehend my joy:-)

Oh, and then I grumbled (grumpy mumble) at some surprised idiot blocking half the veggie store’s entrance for being in the way. I could’ve gone around him but it was too much effort and I was upset.

Perhaps next time someone gets grumpy with me, I’ll remember this & understand that it’s probably something else that’s upset them, smile, apologise and give them a break.