Keeping in Touch with Reality – How I Do It


No two days are the same.  Some days I need to laugh.  On others I need to curl up on my couch alone.  Here’re the things that keep my reality in check.

  • I’d started the USN challenge before I was diagnosed which was a big goal in my life.  I took out a subscription to Women’s Health magazine and poured over the pages each week in the chemo suite.  It left me feeling very positive about what I will achieve when this is done.
  • I received many healing reiki sessions from Angel S.  The cumulative effects are hugely beneficial and it works on all levels – not just physical.  The best part – all you have to do is lie there and the therapist does the work!
  • I keep a kiddies colouring book and crayons with my pile of reading books.  It’s an easy way to get creativity flowing.
  • I read angel cards when I feel I need direction.  I meditate and pray – not often but when I really am lost or need something, I ask.  When I’m grateful for something that happened in my day, I give thanks and ask for more insight like this.
  • I take slow walks as often as I have the energy for it.  It gets my muscles moving and my lungs filled with fresher air.  I’m careful with my heart rate.  Any kind of stress – even from healthy exercise – can be bad.
  • I have a stationary bike at home lent to me by a colleague for when I’m feeling strong but don’t feel like going outside for a walk.
  • I have a cd playing in my car as I drive and I sing to it – windows closed!  Singing is another creative outlet.  I’m not good at it but I love it.
  • I continue going to Spanish lessons.  Sometimes, I can’t grasp things because chemo-brain takes hold but on some level I think it sinks in because I’ll suddenly have a great lesson and it’s worth hanging in there.  It’s constructive and will help me when I get to Spain (a bucket list item).
  • I have plenty of recorded movies and series to watch when I feel like being a sponge.
  • I have time to tackle mini DIY projects  at home in small chunks which I find very satisfying to see completed.

My life isn’t on hold.  This is just a phase.  I’m (sometimes) grateful for the go-slow period and I’m not going to waste it.

Simple ways to make your list.


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