Chemo # 24 – take 2


Success!  After a 10-day delay and a neutrophils booster shot, my blood counts were good enough to receive a full dose of both drugs today!

I’ve been feeling really clear-minded and generally spritely recently.  Yay for me!  A new project at work has helped and I’ve been asking around about private gyms and good personal trainers (specialising in rehabilitation – mostly because they’ll need to carefully pace my re-introduction) as basic research for when I’m well again.  It feels great to have returned to my normal self for a short while – like seeing an old friend:-)  Nothing as motivating as a reality check to get through the last leg of the marathon!

This marks the end of my penultimate cycle.  3 more treatments left (officially)… Woohoo!!


Chemo #24 – speed bump


I feel defeated.  I failed the blood tests – my neutrophils are low again – so no chemo today.  The doctor prescribed an extended break to allow my body to recover so my next treatment is booked for almost 2 weeks’ time.  Grrr!
Had she allowed treatment to go ahead, it’d have knocked my overall white blood cell count right off the wrong end of the chart and put me in a very susceptible-to-infection state.  It feels like a lose-lose situation this week.

Contrasting reactions: Chemo-pal B was there today and talked me down as I was leaving feeling angry, frustrated and quite hard-done by.  From previous encounters, we seem to share a similar temperament so she knew how to rationalise it for me.  She’d been talking to a man who’d been handed the same news as I but he and his wife seemed totally unaffected on the surface and said they accept things as they come.  Usually I admire calm and collected.  I’m not sure that I do in this case.  We’re just different.

Chemo # 23 – take 2


The Neupogen (booster) shot from last Thursday worked.  Or rather, my body complied.  What a good listener and worker it is!

While I was waiting for my blood results to indicate whether I would have chemo today or not, I bumped into chemo-mate J. When I saw her last, she was toying with cutting her shoulder-length white hair.  Today she told me she’d been inspired by the short haircuts a few ladies were sporting.  I saw the same why-didn’t-I-do-this-sooner look in her face that I’d felt when I cut my hair.  She looks amazing – probably due to her new attitude!  I like to think I was part of her inspiration(!) so in hindsight I’m grateful for the courage I had to do it.

Chemo went well although to give my body a break of sorts, the doctor only approved one of the drugs for today instead of both.  I should have a longer session with both drugs next week.

I’ve only had chemo on Fridays before so wish me luck as I go straight into Tuesday’s work day without the usual weekend break.

Dietary Sources of Iron to Increase Red Blood Cell Count


My red blood cell (HB) count is consistently hovering at the minimally acceptable level to receive treatment – thank you, body, for the small mercy!

My oncologist has had me on Chelafer supplements for the past few months.  There’s mostly little else one can do for blood counts while on chemotherapy except to make dietary adjustments.  Here’s the list* that was recommended to me by the nursing sister (plus egg yolks & beetroot; I don’t know why those aren’t on the list below).

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