Chemo # 23 – a speed bump


I failed my blood tests yesterday.

My overall white count is fine, my red count is hanging in there on the fence, my platelets are great.  My neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) was too low for me to handle chemo.

The sister called me with the news and my instant reaction was one of anger at the inconvenience of halting progress.  She got an earful as I vented over the phone and I instantly felt bad when I hung up.  I wonder how much of this they have to tolerate – and I’m a polite patient!

On my way home from work yesterday, I went in for a Neupogen injection (to boost the production of neutrophils) and winced as the stinging liquid was forced into my belly with the tiniest needle.

Although today’s chemo booking was cancelled because of my bloods, I kept my appointment with the oncologist.  While still cautious about my condition and progress, she’s not unhappy with my state.

I’m going back on Monday morning for a re-test.  She quipped, “We never know with Claudine’s bloods, so let’s be certain that the other levels don’t drop off over the weekend.”  If the results are good, I’ll be having a treatment straight after.

Oh, and I made sure to apologise to the sister today!  She was gracious about it.


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