Chemo # 23 – take 2


The Neupogen (booster) shot from last Thursday worked.  Or rather, my body complied.  What a good listener and worker it is!

While I was waiting for my blood results to indicate whether I would have chemo today or not, I bumped into chemo-mate J. When I saw her last, she was toying with cutting her shoulder-length white hair.  Today she told me she’d been inspired by the short haircuts a few ladies were sporting.  I saw the same why-didn’t-I-do-this-sooner look in her face that I’d felt when I cut my hair.  She looks amazing – probably due to her new attitude!  I like to think I was part of her inspiration(!) so in hindsight I’m grateful for the courage I had to do it.

Chemo went well although to give my body a break of sorts, the doctor only approved one of the drugs for today instead of both.  I should have a longer session with both drugs next week.

I’ve only had chemo on Fridays before so wish me luck as I go straight into Tuesday’s work day without the usual weekend break.


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