Chemo #24 – speed bump


I feel defeated.  I failed the blood tests – my neutrophils are low again – so no chemo today.  The doctor prescribed an extended break to allow my body to recover so my next treatment is booked for almost 2 weeks’ time.  Grrr!
Had she allowed treatment to go ahead, it’d have knocked my overall white blood cell count right off the wrong end of the chart and put me in a very susceptible-to-infection state.  It feels like a lose-lose situation this week.

Contrasting reactions: Chemo-pal B was there today and talked me down as I was leaving feeling angry, frustrated and quite hard-done by.  From previous encounters, we seem to share a similar temperament so she knew how to rationalise it for me.  She’d been talking to a man who’d been handed the same news as I but he and his wife seemed totally unaffected on the surface and said they accept things as they come.  Usually I admire calm and collected.  I’m not sure that I do in this case.  We’re just different.


4 thoughts on “Chemo #24 – speed bump

  1. Clinton

    Sorry to hear that Claudine. Hopefully the break does the trick and you’re back on track with your treatment thereafter. Love & hugs to you.


  2. Marsha Corcoran

    I feel what. You are going through, this is why patience is such a virtue (which I do NOT have!) can I send you some flowers? You need to email a delivery address to you! Texas is so far from South Africa I wish we could be closer to help more! Katie and Ginnie are great nurses that not only have unconditional love, but keep your feet warm! They would also supply slurpy kisses, cold noses, wonderful companionship! They are wonderful Collies! God bless and protect you! Marsha


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