Chemo #25


The state of my blood tests have been a focus of mine over the months.  Since poor results mean no chemo or a delay, I’ve been trying to eat well in terms of a balance of iron, protein and fresh fruit and veg.  Over the past month, I’ve put on a discernable amount of weight which is not a happy, but separate, topic so I’ll leave it at that.

Today my bloods were good so I received a full set of drugs again:-)  I also had an appointment with the oncologist (usual at the beginning of a new cycle).  She didn’t look happy when I walked in which was explained by her subsequent line of questioning into my state of health.  Although the tumour marker has been slowly and steadily declining (it was last at 64 last month), this time the result was 118.  We’d both been hoping for a 50-something so for the umpteenth time, I got that stomach-to-the-floor sensation of disappointment.

If I’d had some recent infection or inflammation (I tried laughing the weight gain in as an inflammation of sorts but it didn’t relieve even my own concern), that might explain it but I’ve been well.  Still, without obvious signs or symptoms, I’m hoping it’s nothing.

The good news is this is my last official cycle and I have only 2 more treatments left after today!  I’ll still celebrate having come through the past 10 months of chemo before the doctor delivers what the next step should be.  I’m booked in for a CT scan next week to find out what the hell might be going on.  I have no idea what to expect – this type of surprise isn’t much fun.


6 thoughts on “Chemo #25

  1. Nina

    The upward change in the marker is a concern, but we need to know what is causing it before getting too unhappy.
    Hang in there, maybe there is a simple explanation and an easy way to get it down again. it has been a long fight and maybe the fight will be a little longer than expected.
    Lots and lots of love and light, mom


  2. Clinton

    My father-in-law had his CT and bone scan earlier this week (stage 4 prostrate cancer). Still waiting on the results but hoping the last 6 months of radiation and treatment have gone to plan.Holding thumbs that your scan reveals that all is good. Love and hugs to you xx


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