Chemo #27


Easy as pie!  Nothing much to tell which is great!  My bloods were good and as I was plugged in to the bags of fluid, I nestled comfortably into the recliner under a blanket to read and talk to myself…


I’ve decided more recently to do this talking to my body so at points where I remembered to be conscious of the poison entering my system, I welcomed it in to do its job of healing and leave.  I encouraged the deformed cells to relax and take in the fluid so they could be healed (I didn’t say, “killed” – not in the mood for violence).  Does it matter whether I know it’ll work or not?  No, but it felt nurturing and I wasn’t rushing off anywhere!


It seems there’s a new batch of patients in.  Most of the room was filled with new faces quietly watching and relaxing.  A couple of (hard of hearing) men took the opportunity to showcase their joke stash.  My guess is it was all bravado in the face of their forced weak situation so it was rather sad to tolerate.  Fortunately, when they realised they were each other’s only active listeners, they simmered down.  I hope they find a more successful way of consoling themselves next time.


I’m finding playing very beneficial.  I picked up my guitar today after over a year.  Yes, I remembered how to tune it!  It didn’t last long, though.  My fingertips went soft ages ago and my concentration demanded I nap.  That’s how it mostly goes for me after chemo.  Naps interspersed with very light activity.  I’m allowing it over the next few weeks while I watch to see how these new drugs and any side effects take hold.


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