Chemo #28


It seems as if I’m aiming for a Perfect Attendance certificate!  3 weeks’ treatment in a row without incident and I’m at the end of the first cycle.

Some old (and I’m counting my blessings)

I was chatting to a woman today who also has ovarian cancer.  She’s on the same drugs I was for first line.  She’s really battled with her hair loss and still wears a scarf.  Although her hair’s begun to grow back already, it’s completely grey whereas it used to be black.

I found some resolve to my issue of pigmentation.  She, too, has dark patches on her skin.  At least mine are small and confined to my face.  She has it on her arms too.  Apparently, it’ll go when treatment ends.  Hardly life-threatening, it’s nice to know.

Some new

A new breast cancer patient came in today.  You can smell the fear!  I’m sure I was like that, too, when I first came in.  It’s quite daunting.  She has lovely thick black hair and had a quick photo session with her husband before starting.  Although young and strong-looking, she seemed a little overwhelmed as she poured over the wigs pamphlet. I’m certain in 2 weeks’ time, it’ll all be gone.  Breast cancer drugs are the harshest on hair loss.  My heart went out to her.

One can’t help but be reflective in this place.  It’s good to look inside.  I’m grateful for this journey that it’s forced me to slow down and be introspective.  I’m learning so much.


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