Chemo #29


Cycle 2 started today.  I tolerated the last cycle well (at 4mg Hycamtin) so the doctor’s increased the dosage (to 6mg out of the max.7mg).  It’s a slow process of “wait and see”.

My blood counts were good enough for chemo today but the neutrophils have been dropping off weekly so I was sent home with a booster shot to administer on Sunday.  The major side effect of this drug, too, is the obliteration of my bone marrow.  I’m already on HRT for the hormones my body doesn’t produce so doctor and I had a brief discussion today on what might be happening to my bone density.  Not very inspiring.

The other news is my tumour marker is up to 154 from 145.  I took a punch to the gut with that news.  The explanation she gave didn’t make me feel better like when a puzzle piece seems to fit but unconvincingly.  Apparently she doesn’t get the lab to do markers until the end of the second cycle – I’d asked them to include the test – because the body needs to adjust to the shock of the new drugs.  Bullshit, I say.

The last lot of drugs weren’t working when my count went up from 69 to 118 and then I had an op.  This caused understandable disruption with inflammation (to which the marker is sensitive) so I expected a rise which went to 145.  I’m about 6 weeks post-op with a full cycle of chemo under my belt so I expected SOME kind of decrease by now.

Ugh, sometimes it’s best to just get on with life.  Sometimes you gotta put on your big girl panties and face the choices.


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