Chemo #31


End of cycle 2 today. I have a week off – woohoo! – and then an appointment with the doctor to check up on the tumour marker to see where things lie. Hoping for a dramatic drop in the marker but I’ll forget about it until then and go in with an open mind. Then it’s the first of a line of decisions.

This past week was a hard one for a few days. I battled with side effects of a burning, convulsing, twisting stomach again and thought I’d land up back in hospital. I’d taken all the precautions I could and the meds to help and eventually had to just sit through it. It was useful, though, in that it established a pattern echoing the previous week’s pain & discomfort. This week it also kicked in after treatment so I know now it’s drug-related and not to do with a high iron diet as I guessed before. This is the discovery process of side effects.

I called the doctor as soon as the long weekend was over and she decreased the dosage back to 4mg for yesterday’s chemo. I would’ve thrown my toys and refused treatment if she hadn’t! There’s no way I was putting myself at risk of going through that pain again.

Tomorrow’s Friday & I’ll be back in the office for the day with my red cheeks and puffy face – that’ll be interesting… I’ll do what I can and leave when I can’t manage. I’m very fortunate to have an understanding employer. We are where we are for a reason. Blessings.



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