Cann-i-bis-y Myself With This?


Doctors don’t like self-diagnoses and I can understand why.  Too much information isn’t always a good thing.  They probably have to talk patients out of an affliction before talking them into what’s really the problem.  Double the work.  But… I also believe there’s no harm in researching and asking the questions.  And so I found myself looking up recipes this week.

Cannabis and cancer in the news

Before I go there, an acquaintance who knows my story has mentioned cannabis to me a few times.  I brushed the notion aside because I know it to be used for pain management and I’m not in physical pain.  However, cannabis has made the news a lot lately and so a headline probably caught my eye that started me reading.  So many testimonials about how it can even cure cancer flood the internet.  There’ve been some pre-clinical trials too.  There’re even sites dedicated to cancer and marijuana.

Its use – recreational or medical – is illegal in most parts of the world but I was interested to note that in Denver, Colorado, a cancer patient can apply for a medical license to obtain prescriptive medical grade cannabis and be left in peace to use this as a treatment of choice.

Join-t the circus

You can smoke it, eat it, drink it brewed and I thought I’d found the best method of ingesting it yet – in oil form.  What piqued my interest was that the psychological side effects of the drug / plant were voided as part of the process.  I kept reading and stumbled on some recipes.  It’s a bit of a science-lab-in-the-garage scenario with solvents, masks and such so that put me off a bit but hey, if I can heal myself with a herb, then I can get off these other crazy toxins, right?

It’s so easy to get carried away and read want one wants to see.  Eventually, I looked into the side effects issue.  I don’t need hallucinogens on top of the other crap I’m dealing with and I found what I was looking for – plenty of articles discrediting the oil too.

When I raised it with my doctor, to her credit, she listened.  She also stuck to her consistent story that if no control group/test group clinical trials have been carried out with conclusive positive results, then it’s not worth risking.  If nothing else, she’s a good steady wall off which to bounce ideas!

So I’ve shelved the idea.  It was fairly easy – one article expressly stating I wouldn’t be able to drive was all it took.  I’m not giving up my independence.


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