That’s How I Roll


My new bootsThe attainment of a goal is not always under our control but there are certain ones we can control.  One goal that I’ve been forced to largely let go of and still struggle to come to terms with, is my strength and physical capability.  I appeal to the muscle-memory gods that I get back on track without too much of a battle though I know as well as any physically active individual does, that recovery won’t be easy.

I have set some big goals which I’ll share at some later stage.  They’re quite daunting right now so instead of looking at the end goal and considering the hard work, I’ve chosen something fun and new to help me get there.

I didn’t always rock

I put on roller skates for the first and last time at around 10 years old and my one and only attempt at ice skating (read: gripping the rail for dear life and circumventing the rink to return to a safe seat on dry land!) was a few years after that.  I remember seeing everyone else flying across the ice with some degree of grace and feeling frustrated that I couldn’t do it too.  I was dead scared by some story about sliced fingertips if you landed on your bum!

Now I will

This time I’m going to fly along the beach promenade!  For now, I still have to watch my heart rate and so far, I’ve taken a gingerly walk (plod) on uneven grass in Mom’s back yard gripping her supportive and counter-balancing arm.  It feels weird to be instantly taller and no, it’s not the same as stepping into high heels but I’ll get there.

My fears?  Not getting it (interesting how these childhood things pop up).  Also, not so much the falling part – more the hurting afterwards!

What to figure out to let go of the fears? Weight distribution and getting a feel for how the wheels and my legs work best together.

Actually, there’s a lot more laughter than fear to be had.  I’ve faced bigger, life-threatening situations so I can have fun with this one:-)

Do you have any suggestions gained from personal experience that might help?  Does anyone know where I can get hockey socks (I suppose cricket and rugby are the same type?) in Durban?


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