I should’ve stayed in bed


I’ve had a tummy bug since Sunday.  I thought I’d be able to get to the office today and planned to go in late to avoid the traffic stress.  It didn’t happen.  I even had to rest after a shower so I figured I’d better get to the doctor today.

Not thrilled with the long illegible list of pills, I headed to get the script filled out.  My first attempt was the hospital chemist who kindly recommended I go to a regular retail pharmacy because it’d be much cheaper.

[Imagine.  Their “store” is perfectly positioned for foot traffic where discharged patients, relieved to go home to some semblance of normalcy, suffer, on top of pain and discomfort, one final indignity of being ripped off by the pharmacy for their pain meds.  Ethics, anyone?  AND they admit it.]

The second attempt, a nearby mall pharmacy, didn’t have all the items so I dragged my feet into the third at another mall which we circled, through traffic lights, to find parking.  Why is no one at work today?!

Coughing and spluttering behind the counter to my annoyance, the chemist assistant checks stock.  She’s interrupted by the pharmacist who berates her for ordering excessive stock of some item – totally unrelated to me, ahem, a paying customer waiting in some discomfort.  I stared on in amazement as she finally paid me attention.  Bear in mind I’m on the fourth day of diarrhoea and dehydration.  I’m NOT in the mood.

Hearing that they too didn’t have all the items, I snatched the damn coughed-on script and left.  I should’ve given her a lecture on hygiene but I didn’t want to expose myself to more germs.

The beggar at the traffic light approached the window for the second time in 20 minutes.  Did I miss some memo about not paying attention today?

I gave up to go home to eat, drink and rest and arrived to masonry drilling that rattles teeth.  Ugh…  Angry, despondent tears welled up.  My internal peaceful place went AWOL earlier this morning already!

During a drilling break, I called the fourth pharmacy to check if they had stock.  That didn’t work out because I couldn’t decipher the scrawl & they couldn’t guess what it might be.  (I’d made a poor decision earlier to turn down my mother’s offer to fax the script off.)  I couldn’t get it delivered though because my medical aid’s exhausted so I’d have to get out anyway to pay for the stuff.

Finally, I gathered the energy to drive out and picked up the meds – thankfully, without incident.

I just couldn’t summon up and spit out my irritation without also blowing a messy valve.  I don’t know whether I showed restraint or suppression, though I suspect it’s the latter, but I’m now in bed and that’s where I’m staying until today is over!


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