The 0-Hour Work Week


message in a bottleAfter catching a stomach bug (or stomach flu or whatever name it goes by now) last weekend, I feel like a marooned moron stalking shadows and counting days.

Islander’s Log: Today is day 6 of diarrhoea and dehydration.  Wednesday was harrowing as I spent it hunting down some meds to clear up my issues.  The dehydration is pretty much under control now.   I’m still resting (sleeping) quite a lot and waking not knowing where I am.  (Maybe I’m waking mid-astral-travel and that’s throwing me off-course! That’d be cool.)

I was due for chemo again today but knew that wasn’t going to happen.  I called in to let them know my situation and was told to get my usual bloods done anyway.  They’re through the floor this week.

My neutrophils were too low last week for chemo – the safe level to receive drugs is above 10 so they would’ve been below that.  This week, they’re at 1.  The oncologist looked concerned as she scribbled her notes.  I am too so I’ll be careful about keeping away from infectiousness – not a vague aim at all but that’s the nature of this journey… I left after receiving a Neupogen shot.

Aside from safe meals of oats / banana / bread and drinking lots of fluid, my saving grace has been reruns of QI which elicit occasional guffaws.  Otherwise, I’m grumpy and miserable, dying for an endorphin fix and to get off this island.  Sigh.  Blub.


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