Positivity Challenge – Day 1 of 7









1) I’ve invested in me with a personal development workshop

2) Finding the fun(ny) in life gets easier the more I practice it

3) 37 down, 5 more to go until I’m done!

PositivityChallenge pic

Note: This is not something I initiated but something I’m participating in.  I’m just pasting my participation in my blog to spread the “Positivity” wider:-) Below, for interest, is the explanation from Robin Banks’ Facebook page.

Are you up for a challenge?
A friend has issued us (that’s ME and YOU, my friends here on my facebook page) with a challenge. She would like us to be a part of the Positivity Challenge. I have agreed. Are you up for it?
Let’s raise the frequency out there with our improved thoughts, gratitude and actions.

How to play: We’ve created an image below to let you know how the energy (positivity) in motion works. If it feels right please do join in. You can either create your own posts on your FB page and tag my page so I get to see them (whether I can see them will depend on your privacy settings) or write yours under my post each day. Either way I am keen to be reminded of the abundance of reasons to be positive and grateful. 


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