Recommendation: Deal with Psycho-Emotional Issues in 5 Minutes a Day


energy medicineI’m generally open to advice or recommendations.  Sometimes it even works for me!

I suppose when you’re open to or looking for a solution, the options are more likely to have an impact.  This option certainly has made a difference for me so I thought I’d share.

Dealing with messy emotions
It’s interesting how when you’re dealing with something emotional / physical / psychological, how much more sensitive you are.  Hence the tears when we feel hurt, right?  Sometimes it’s just plain old hard.

My experience
At a point during my chemo, I was dealing with other related emotional stuff and found I couldn’t tolerate crowds.  Like a country bumpkin dumped in a shopping mall, everything was overwhelming to my senses.  Too many people, too much movement, too much colour, too much noise.  Even with certain individuals, I felt myself withdrawing because something was too uncomfortable.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Like having an invisible carpet swept out from under my feet, I felt something had changed that I didn’t even know existed!

Then came an option
A friend recommended I look up a few Donna Eden videos which are based on energy medicine.  Thank you, Sandy:-)  I’ve been doing these daily for the past 5 months or so.  Well, except that one day when I was having a particularly hairy, vulnerable time only to realise upon inspection that I hadn’t zipped up that morning.  That’s when I realised they work on some level.

And I haven’t looked back

Without going into the little detail I know, I can tell you it’s not about religion so don’t let that put you off.

A good reason to watch the video links below is that you’ll get the interesting background and quick demos.  (I’ve listed the approximate time length of each clip too)

A good reason to try it for yourself is that it’s easy and takes 5 minutes a day.

3 Thumps part 1 (8 mins)

3 Thumps part 2 (3½ mins)

Cross Crawl (6 mins)

Wayne Cook Method (8 mins)

Zip Up (6 mins)

Yes, this is intangible but aren’t we all drawn to a little “magic”?  Try it if you’re battling with some similar issues, bearing in mind you’ll have to test it a few times.


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