How to donate


cheetah paw printHow to donate

  1. Go to the Kwa Cheetah website payment portal and deposit funds directly into their account – via credit card or PayPal or electronic transfer.

2. Use “Claudines Cheetahs” as your payment reference so that they can track how much
has been raised through this mini campaign.


cheetah paw printHow much should I donate?

I’ve set a target of R39 000 (I’m turning 39).  It’s very doable so I’m excited to share this challenge.  There’s no upper limit to what you’d like to donate but here’re some guidelines to make it easier for you to decide.

For individuals: consider ZAR100 | ZAR200 | ZAR390 | ZAR500
And as a bonus for those who live abroad, the exchange rate is in your favour so give what you feel makes your heart move (in a good way!).

Approximate exchange rates: US$ 1 = ZAR 10 | GBP1 = ZAR20 | AUS$1 = ZAR10 | NZ$1 = ZAR9

If you own / run a company: (or the people in charge of the bank account!), consider
ZAR1000 | ZAR2000 | ZAR3900 | ZAR5000
I’m very happy to reciprocate with social media kudos so drop me a mail at and I’ll make it happen.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite number to donate, make it real


cheetah paw print

When can I make a donation?

I like enthusiasm!

Kwa Cheetah is open for donations all year round but for this project, they’ll track payments made: Sunday 14 Sep 2014 – Sunday 12 Oct 2014.  So get clicking!

I’ll keep you posted in subsequent updates to let you know the difference we’re making.  Please forward this campaign on as it inspires you to, to help me reach my goal.




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