It’s my birthday


My 2011 Encounter

Here’s my wish list.  There’s only one thing on it this year.


A cat.  Not any kind of cat.

A cheetah.

Yes, literally.

Cats are my favourite animal.  That’s one thing I’ve always known and it’s never changed.  With change being the constant in my life over these long months, I take solace in knowing at least one thing hasn’t changed.  If I knew how to purr, it’d happen every time I held one or watched its silly game.

As for birthdays, a few years ago, I began making mine purposeful in the name of fun so stuff like zip lining through a forest 30m above the ground made the list.  This year, though, I don’t have the strength for that level of engagement.  I’ve learned and received so much though, that I honestly don’t feel I need anything so when friends and family asked what I wanted or what I’ll be doing, I decided to arrange something special.

Being part of something bigger than me feels really good.  That’s bound to have a good effect on my own health, right?  Here’s to our happy, healthy hearts!


Curious?  Good.  Find out more.


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