Post-chemo assessment


In case you think my journey’s over, it ain’t.  The oncologist wasn’t pleased with my CT Scan results.

It showed the tumour on a groin lymph node has grown and there appears to be another growth on the other side of my pelvis.  I can’t say I’m surprised.  The marker kept stalling in its descent.

She offered 3 options:

  1. Maintenance chemo in tablet form.
    She seems to think my nightmare is coming to the chemo suite each week for intravenous poisoning.  I turned this option down without flinching, explaining that I need to get happier and that means physical activity and engaging in life fully.  In order not to break bones or damage myself, I intend taking supplements which would counter the effect of the chemo.
  2. A second opinion by an oncological gynaecologist.
    (What process do you go through to make up your mind that you want to be that when you grow up..?)  There’s one in my home town, fortunately.  There’s a teeny chance he might suggest an operation.  Clearly my oncologist has lost some faith because she (and the surgeon who operated on me last year) was previously adamant that I’d never be able to undergo surgery in that area because there’s already been too much damage.  Anyway, I was at my strongest when I had those ops and I nearly died.  I’m currently at the weakest I’ve ever been; what makes her think I’ll agree to an operation now?!
  3. Receive symptomatic support from her.
    So, without chemo, if I’m in pain etc., she can help alleviate that.

I agreed to the second opinion.  Maybe he’ll have a bold suggestion as to any other medical options I have.

But I’m taking a month’s break first.  No point flogging a dead horse!  I’m looking forward to recovering a little and in the meantime, I’m happy to be back in charge of my health.


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