Companionship and Illness


Much has been written on the therapeutic advantages of animals.  I’ve now experienced it firsthand and can tell you it’s all true.

Recently, after encouragement from a friend, a letter from my doctor, and my kind fellow residents who voted yes, I rescued an abandoned kitten and brought him home.

I ask myself why I didn’t do this earlier.  I know the answer, too.  I didn’t have the strength while undergoing chemo to consider it and take the necessary steps to make it happen.  If you’re ill and already have a pet, you’ll appreciate the particular kind of sensitivity they bring.  Then there’s the distraction of their silly antics.  There’s nothing like the bubbly joy that comes from watching kitten tumbles, chases, pawing a reflection or simple soft purrs of pure contentment.

I’ve been so fortunate to be the recipient of consistent care & love.  Now, I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to be the provider too.

Here’s some of my joy during the first 6 weeks my little lion, Aslan, & I spent together.

Some of the pics are sideways – sorry.  I gave up figuring that out. #choosingmybattles

Aslan video link image

Also see this video on “kitten therapy”.


2 thoughts on “Companionship and Illness

  1. Margie Barratt

    Hi I really enjoy your blogs and your little Aslan looks exactly like my newly “rescued” kitten, but she is now only 6/7 weeks old – Bella! I am Margie from the Bowling Club and your Dad helps me a lot. You are a very strong and courageous young lady and I salute you.


    • Hi Margie. Thank you for your support! Aw, I once had a kitten named Bella. Aren’t they most beautiful creatures. Aslan is now 18 months old and behaving like the teenager he is (in cat years). I love him to bits. I hope your Bella brings you as much joy.


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