Thank you for your encouragement


Thank_YouJust as waves wash away the sand castles that take so much heart to build, so will my expressed thanks wash away and be forgotten.

And so, in case you forget or wonder at the use, please know that your…

reading and following my blog, comments to posts, phone calls, Facebook/Whatsapp messages, face-to-face chats, gentle smiles in the corridors, emails, cards, second hand messages, anonymous prayers

…do not go to waste.  Every bit reaches me, spurs me on, keeps me smiling.  It’s a journey too difficult to take on alone and while it’s mine to bear, I couldn’t do it without your help.

Some days have been made easier just by a well-timed message.  I’m very fortunate to know some special people.

With so much heart built in, Thank You.


6 thoughts on “Thank you for your encouragement

  1. Marsha

    Claudine you are such an incredible person! Frank and I still talked to each other and all our friends about you and Paddy Wagon tours! You are in our prayers! Much love Marsha


  2. Hey Claudine..Lots of Angels surround you .. And get to know your Angel’s name (ask him) and then he will till you. Then form a bond with him…he will send you a feather in confirmation … Love Pat and Norman ..


    • Thanks, Pat & Norman. I looove this & so need my angels. I think I “saw” him a week ago but then I woke up. I’ll keep communicating.

      “Ding” I think I just heard the clicks of a bunch of people unsubscribing from my blog. Hahaha! Never mind:-) C’est la vie.


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