The watch and wait game


I don’t look ill and I’ve learned to manage my energy so there’s a whole lot more slower activity going on and less balls-to-the-wall stuff.  Well, except the odd 5km walk to test my boundaries – that one’s still firmly stopping me.

When I decided to get off chemo and try something else, at first it felt like riding without the support of training wheels as I looked into the future with squinted eyes wondering how the tumours would react.  Would they have a party and spread out?  Would it make little difference being off the meds as on them?  At least I knew I’d feel better and that’s exactly what’s happened.

At my last visit to the onco 2 months ago, I had an ultrasound, a CT scan, and blood tests.  The resulting news was a mixed bag.  Has it ever not been?!

CA125 tumour marker results:
Jul 2015 – 169 (This is while the chemo drugs were still in my system)
Sep 2015 – 200+ (We’re excited that it hasn’t spiked dramatically in 2 months)
Nov 2015 – 400+ (What is this inflammation about? Started re-feeding programme.  Started hormone blocker Tamoxifen)
Feb 2016 – 600+ (We’re excited that it hasn’t doubled over the last result but rather only increased by 50%)

So what does this mean?

Yes, it’s a little scary to know that when the tumours were debulked in 2013, the count was 300+.  I can’t remember exactly how I felt then but I guess I feel almost as strong now albeit a little war-torn.

It’s a surface tumour so although it’s metasticised, it’s not about to become a dreaded leukaemia. The slow-growth nature means there’s some time to figure things out such as, now we know for sure that chemo wasn’t working.  These last 8 months’ results show that the increase is the same as it was on the drugs so, yay, I can stay off them.  Also, by now, I’ll find out what effect the hormone blocker has on my system.  In conjunction with the eating plan that I’m still following (because I feel so much better on it) that simultaneously restricts hormone intake and eliminates existing stock that my body’s holding onto, is a big detox.


I’m still half talking about the clinical trial that’s on the horizon.  I’m waiting for an update, along with a number of other people. Ho hum…



3 thoughts on “The watch and wait game

  1. Patricia Ellor

    Think about you lots Claudine… Don’t forget John Bradburne.. Norman and I got such a strong wood smoke as we were going into our unit. Goosebumps.


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