Kill it softly


light and sound wavesUsing light- and sound-waves together as a non-invasive way to disrupt cancer cells’ nature and cause them to die? Now THAT’s my kind of treatment.

I had blood, ultrasound, and xray tests done last week. I’ll meet with my cancer-health-adviser (oncologist) soon so I’ll find out what’s potting in the physical land of me, then.

In the meantime, I’ve continued with a long list of reading and listening. I stumbled on this article which gives me a good reason to take a Cape Town holiday. The holiday part is, curiously, what intrigues me since I’ve been focusing on my environmental stressors. The type of stress these stressors create is the subtle kind, the kind that’s easy to become accustomed to, the kind I don’t notice until a final straw makes me lose it.  Once I’ve recognised a person / activity / situation is causing me this type of stress, I make a point of trying to change it by choosing instead to spend my energy on relationships / activities that feed me.

Singing and living with my cat’s antics fit into that category for me and I firmly believe this forward focus is helping the healing process. That’s quite a statement considering I don’t know what those test results show so I hope I don’t have to eat my words but if I do, peh.  That’s another day’s bridge. Today, I delight in the possibilities available (and those not yet materialised) and add to my list this one more option to discuss with my open-minded doctor.

Enjoy the article – even just the positiveness of it:-)


4 thoughts on “Kill it softly

  1. Nina Basson

    Amazing! I have read that physics, not chemistry, is the correct way to treat illnesses, however little is know about it.
    Wishing you a stress free day. Lots of love, mom


    • Yes, now that you say so, I remember you mentioned that before. Just a thought – mainstream medicine has become so focused on the disease that it’s lost sight of the human attached.


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