Box 1 – Tick


tick boxThe clinical trial admin office called me today for an update.

I’ve My tissue sample has ticked the PD-L1 (the first box) after testing. I’m eligible for the trial… until the next question.

It’s iffy

According to the next item on the checklist of pre-requisites for the trial, there has to have been no advancement of the disease within 3 months (Oct 2015), after my last round of chemo (in Jul 2015).

Do I tick that box? Well, no, but I’m not shut out yet. I colour outside the lines on that one. Typical. The thing is, when I started that line of treatment, 1) the doctor didn’t do a test immediately before starting (I think she’d used Feb 2015’s test results as a base line) and, 2) the follow-up test was done in Sep 2015 so there is no result for Oct.

What this means is that, firstly, for all we know, the disease could well have stabilised but cannot be proven without test results. Secondly, it’s been stable way longer than 3 months since the last chemo session which needs to be taken into consideration. Since each candidate is evaluated individually, these are the points they’re arguing.

Grey area

Well, we’ll see. I’m so used to living in the grey area that it’s no longer uncomfortable. Luckily for me, the woman who’s following up and updating me has been tenacious in bugging the decision makers. I should hear more next week.


6 thoughts on “Box 1 – Tick

  1. Nina Basson

    We wait for exam results, we wait for a holiday, we wait for a job to be done. Waiting is what we do. Obviously, you have learnt to do it better than most.
    Love, mom


    • Well, I’ve stumbled onto something. Don’t know if it’s comparable to what others do, but yes, there’s a lot of waiting. Gives one time to breathe:-) Thanks for the cheering on.


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