Supplementation – Green Tea


greenteaThere’re many well-meaning advisors talking about helpful cancer preventatives and chemo recovery methods that span cabbage juice to vitamin C.


When you get down to it, the sheer number of cabbages you need to juice to get the unpalatable concoction’s full benefits is off-putting, which is why I’ve not attempted that! For me, unless it’s sustainable, it doesn’t get a second glance.

Right now, I’ve been on my eating plan for almost a year and it’s going well. In fact, even if I have a bad day every now and then, I’m still much stronger than I was when on chemo and possibly healthier than when I was “healthy” (read: unaware of my stress levels and looming tumours).

One thing I do every day, without fail, is drink a cup of green tea. If you’re on chemo, the doctor will likely tell you to not drink too much of it – if any – because it’s high in antioxidants. However, it’s well-known for its preventative and recovery benefits. I was told to drink 3 cups a day. That doesn’t happen but I figure 1 is better than none!


I’ve just read about a local supplier of high potency green tea extract / catechins (the good stuff in green tea) with high bioavailability (it can be readily absorbed by the body). I’m not getting anything from the company for spreading the news but I get excited about positive developments like this and it’s certainly something I’m going to try.

Watch the video for technical info or read the brochure. You’ll learn about how it’s grown, where it’s farmed, catechins, absorption, and benefits for your body. They also deliver results of a trial to show bioavailability (no point making a product if it’s not going to be absorbed by your body, right? Well, depending on the elasticity of the producer’s morals…but these guys appear to be above the line. I wouldn’t share it otherwise.)

You’ll have to weigh up the cost vs benefits to decide if it’s right for you. At the time of writing this, it’s just under R300 for a month’s supply.

Buy it online here.

The best part? The recommended intake is a single pill once a day. Now that’s sustainable.


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