20 years after I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, it returned.

I’ve created this blog for 3 reasons:

  • To update family and friends on my progress
  • Out of a sense of responsibility because I believe the best source of guidance is through the experience of others
  • As a platform for venting!

If I’ve helped lead you to find a single answer in your journey as a cancer patient or loved one, then I’ve achieved my goal.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Lisa Lumsden

    Claud, I love this beautiful outlet you have created. You wrote “that my experience might help others with theirs” – that is you all over. Kind, caring and considerate of others always. Your sharing and words are so eloquently stated and are amazing to read. Thank you for sharing with us and the world. You are so courageous!!! I admire you more than you know!
    I pray that the Lord hears you every day and sends his angels to fight this battle for and with you. We love you Claudine!!!! And we’ll be reading…


  2. Mignonne Marx

    Hi Claudine, it is always sad to hear when someone has cancer. We know that you are a strong women and believe that God and his Angels are looking over you and they will take care of you. Jacques was visiting your Dad this week and he gave us your details. I will be supporting shavathon again this year in support of cancer. I have done it for the last few years as we have had family and friends who had cancer. We believe that you will be a survivor once again. We will follow your blog. Love Mignonne & Jacques


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