Cheetah-ing Cancer Campaign


Above: My 2011 Encounter

cheetah paw print

Thanks for being curious as a cat and visiting my campaign page!


I beat cancer once before and I’m doing my best to cheat it out of power again.  I want something positive to come out of it and I want you to share in it for having followed my journey.  I’m talking about that warm, fuzzy, bundled feeling of joy / love / glee / playfulness you get when you engage in something bigger than yourself.

My meow-ssion

For the video version, click the image below or go to:

video link image

For my 39th birthday in September, I’m raising funds for my favourite animal, the cheetah.  Cheetahs are endangered.  Their gene pool is fast becoming limited.  Successful captivity breed-and-release programmes have been developed by organisations like Kwa Cheetah.  Help me kick start the next phase of Kwa Cheetah’s story to grow their success and replenish cheetah numbers in the wild.

To reach my meow-ssion goal, I need donations of R100 from 390 individuals.  I don’t know that many people, so I need you to pass on this message as far as you feel inspired to.  I’m also inviting businesses to pledge bigger donations.

Imagine, for as little as R100, you can help save the fastest land animal on the planet!  I know that together we can make this happen.

And, you’ll give me the best birthday present ever!

So, for the love of purr-fect predator preservation, do you give a cheetah?

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If you have any questions, post them in the comments section below.  Someone else may be wondering the same thing.  If you’re too shy, then drop me a mail at

Campaign update 19 Sep 2014 – R8 200 raised
Campaign update 26 Sep 2014 – R9 300 raised to date
Campaign update 03 Oct 2014 – R10 190 raised to date
Campaign update 13 Oct 2014 – End of campaign.  R10 790 raised


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