Dietary Sources of Iron to Increase Red Blood Cell Count


My red blood cell (HB) count is consistently hovering at the minimally acceptable level to receive treatment – thank you, body, for the small mercy!

My oncologist has had me on Chelafer supplements for the past few months.  There’s mostly little else one can do for blood counts while on chemotherapy except to make dietary adjustments.  Here’s the list* that was recommended to me by the nursing sister (plus egg yolks & beetroot; I don’t know why those aren’t on the list below).

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Kudos to diabetics


Admission: I usually feel rocks for diabetics (type 2, I think it is) because I believe their condition to be self-inflicted largely through poor diet.

After I had to inject myself today, I have a newfound respect for them, though, having to stick themselves with a needle every mealtime.

Fortunately, mine should be a once-off but it does come with a more dramatic flourish(!) – Got to induce preformed white blood cells to grow faster and can expect general body pain for a few days… from my frikkin’ bone marrow overworking…Yikes!